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Monday, March 31, 2008


.:Random Updates:.

After several shows in the first quarter of the year, I've really made a lot of headway when it comes to getting exposure as a performer.

While I haven't been pushing heavily for any TV appearances, the shows have been coming in steadily thanks to sheer word of mouth, albeit most of them have been for the children's party circles. What with my next client, i.e., Mike Defensor, I know I have my work cut out for me, to say the least.

One of my shows had the misfortune of having my client being held up en route to the party. These things happen, sadly.

.:Mentalism Takes The People By Storm!:.

Last night was my return to pure corporate mentalism after a few months of children's parties, and it was amazing!

My wonderful client, mypcbuyersguide.com, had me over to do a bit of stage and a bit of walkaround mentalism for their product launch with MSI. I had a good walkaround run, and while most people were definitely entertained, I really wanted to make sure that I can do something even more powerful onstage.

That being said, I performed the 20-card test, O.R.B.S., and 4-D Telepathy with a Manual kicker at the end. I got really good reactions, and I think at the end of the day, people were really floored with how well that stuff worked out...

Hopefully, pictures to follow soon enough...

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Thursday, December 05, 2002

Shorthand Prologue Attempt:

"... Guilty. The punishment: death." The ominous voice boomed through the courtroom.

His head is hung in shame. He knows he is innocent, but he also knows that he cannot defend himself against his adversaries any longer. His beard, flowing regally as he stares intently at the judge, jury, and executioner who, with a single command, abruptly ends his life. Indeed, he is innocent. Indeed, there is something far more devious behind this mock trial than a mere attempt to silence a voice. Man has long dreamed of a wonder so unbelievable, a wonder so great, and now that it is within grasp, the beauty is tainted with greed, ambition, and lust for power. Bound and shackled, he is led out of the courtroom, amid all those who cheer over his imminent death. Amid all those who lament his imminent death.

In the deepest of chambers within the structure, he is met with a harsh voice. "All thou needed to do was to reveal the truth to thine people."

"Never. Thou hath nothing in thine heart save greed."

"Ah, but now, I shan't spare thee. Thy folly is truly great for thou believeth that the Stone of the Philosopher shall stay hidden forever."

And so, with trembling hands, he dies. A lethal dose of hemlock that he drank; the secret of the Stone of the Philosopher, and its defenders, dying with him.

End of story, start of commentary.

I would have to say here: somebody please help me with my old thee thou grammar... I've no idea which goes where. Secondly, same goes with some verbs here. Thirdly, if any of you take offense to my rewriting of history, please note that this is a story upon different planes. HE may not have died for the Stone of the Philosopher in this plane, but he sure did in another. Hence, the defenders of this Stone would be the Order of the Grecian Urn. Methinks the title isn't the best, but it sure lends a lot to Grecian Urn jokes... :)

Since the Philosopher's Stone is long dead and gone, perhaps the Order needs a new motivation to persist. That, I will provide, through the gatekeeper arc. Please refer to my shorthand character guide in my blog for the info regarding this stuff...

Any other ideas? Or should I start with my short story first? :)

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